Friday, March 18, 2011

place of a word

I am Lithuanian, yet blog in English and thus experience the adventurous story indeed. While my main blog Art by Tomas ought to be named as  Art according to Tomas , my illiteracy (the foreign words) replaced the adverb according to with the word by and thus twisted the truth - made me a boaster... Against my free will!Therefore lets consider. Was such beginning an accidental thing or the symbolical story?

Can we conclude that the grammar mistakes (the justification of the mistakes) make what has happened into the fine arts that talk about the eternal values?

In other words, the famous artists are just the lucky wrong doers?
Typically, the truth expresses itself as an aphorism, yet we like to chat (prefer profound sentences to simple statements) and such way the apologies creates the confusing fictions. So what does a consciousness mean? What is a place of a word in our liefs?

I would greatly appreciate your help to count and correct the grammar mistakes I probably made now. Please help me to grow in free talking. Thank you.
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