Monday, August 12, 2013

What's your choice?

The hardships to choose the appropriate palette for the panorama of today put a question: 
what is a place of the fine arts in our life?
Putting the  emotions to words enabled me keep calm: gave a wash to my window- re-wrote the exclamation to a notion.
The place of Fine Art is exalted, but while applauding we take no heed of what was said. People worship the artists but not the light that embellish the canvases we enjoy.  

What's your choice? 

Monday, July 1, 2013

a curse or the blessing

The pictures of art therapy club for people with the psychiatric disorders

The different people  pass by us on a street. High and thin move around, the loonies also. Though the mentally ill frequently have the luminous eyes but are the mystery no one wish to encounter with.
While arguing about people with the psychiatric disorders, the question „is it a curse or the blessing“ always arises to me.  So what does it mean to be  mentally ill? Is it a curse or the blessing?
I did not want to play with the words so chose to knock on a door of the art therapy club to avoid empty musing. A signboard on the door announced art therapy reveals our love to other , so I joyfully entered the club for the mentally ill.
The contradictory views overfilled my heart. While reading the awful diagnosis on the faces of the club members I witnessed the patients‘s choice to enjoy each minute they had here. I silently gazed at hundreds of the drawings. They were colored with love..

All without distinction works overflowed with kindness. The art therapy have created the miracle there.
While complaining for the lack of relationship among people, about the alienation and selfishness, we share some truth but it becomes a lie because we eliminate ourselves from other people and thus our insights become a judgment. While talking about mentally ill we may look even compassionate but such righteousness would produce just the boring information if we would separate ourselves from the folk we discus. 

I was free to choose how to ac while watching the patient‘s artworks and I have grasped they were not the mental patients but my dear brothers and sisters in disguise as the unknown passersby. I meet with myself there and the hearty smile embellished my eyes...I wish end by saying that witnessed by me disability humbled me to enable me to experience the being of a child of the light. The last was not a curse, but the blessing as I have changed my world outlook. Robert t. Kiyosaki states "It's not what you say out of your mouth that determines your Life , It's what you whisper to yourself that has the Most power" These words ceased to be just a quote and became a piece of my diary in the hospital for people with the psychiatric disorders.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

How to overcome the writer’s block

digital painting The portrait of my street - Tomas Karkalas, Klaipeda, Lithuania

How to overcome the writer’s block puzzles many. So I dared to share my experience with you. When the world’s events look unpredictable and force us to dive into the guessing for the future I did not give in but look for my dictionary. I start writing in a foreign language.
The difference between the phrases ‘I did not’ and ‘I do not’, for example, becomes just the healing experience then. Becomes something I am able to discover and claim for sure. The lack of self-confidence vanish from sight, the credibility gab disappears from view. My Lithuanian-English dictionary thus puts me into the gratitude. I know nothing more fruitful than the hearty Thank you.

Friday, June 28, 2013

random thought

Hi, Tomas!

The sharing of the pictures we came head-to-head on the Internet reveals as our mastery to hear the other so the willingness to listen to other and does that better than talking about our own artworks. The last frequently promotes only our signatures.

consciousness of cookery

Some slices of bread with the layers of something in between make a sandwich. As it tastes good so we do not bother for cookery. Many became sick as a result.

I respect a slice of bread and love eat the meat so the sandwich should be the delicious but has happened a burden to my digestive system. As the bread so the meat was good nourishment out of themselves, but they were the incompatible. When taken together they created hard to digest so the unhealthy food. Consequently my digestive system refused her consent to my likes...I am sick now. Does that mean my body is more conscious than I? 

I have looked at the dictionary for the help. Where was I wrong? Sandwich ... n sumuštinis.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

the secret of the obedience

The task to write something using a word luminous was my first step towards the Enlightenment. I pushed back the newspapers that were full of negative information and spotted out the children on the outside. The joyful hubbub immediately filled my room. The change was stunning. I stood in awe of the playground. The sun was shining and it illuminated my copybook, lighted up my eyes. That was more profitably than any other reasoning. The luminosity depended on my obedience to the task. The practice for five minutes using luminous have helped me caught a dream.

Monday, June 24, 2013

freedom is the experiential feature

 By writing in English, I am  improving my  Lithuanian by  visualizing the emotions that inhabit my room.  The metaphors awake and create my new dictionary. I live each word and chat up the punctuation marks.

digital painting Rules Of  Conduct by Tomas Karkalas

 Rules of the grammar.

My Lithuanian-English dictionary presents a word ‚practice‘ as a noun and gives seven meanings of the word. The list of definitions ends with a note that the practice in American English should be written as a „practise“ and understood as a verb. The Noun versus Verb.
The verb cannot exist without a noun as noun without a verb should look meaningless too.  Likewise I would be helpless without a dictionary. So the real freedom is the experiential feature.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Heart versus Mind

The “Heart” versus “Mind”.  The questions challenge the world since its dawn, yet I enjoy the smell of the flowers. Where is a key to the radiating peace you sense in the photo? What is that? Name it aloud please. Wake up your Spirit.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Painting Outside The Lines

 The artworks showcase the difference between the phrases “you are here” and “you are there” and enable us to choose rightly.

Painting Outside The Lines

Monday, April 8, 2013

The heart versus mind

Many agree that looking back is bad, yet all people deeply appreciate their family albums. I too. While understanding that the dim and distant past events rob me of my now, I don't turn of from the memories. Life without the 'once there lived' would look so pale, the artistry of the color magic would wither without the memory stories. Yes, past events belong to the past, but who wish to look like a black and white apparatus which knows just yes and no? 

The sign <(^.^<) expresses the hottest dream of many "SOMEONE WANTS A HUGGY! but do we need a noddle :-) or the smile? 
The rootless tree can not grow and the like the men without the history; I would name the past our daily bread.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

what is more profitably?

How d' ye do?
How d' ye do?

This typical chat means everything is OK and there is no need of talking more. Thus the positive attitude ends the conversations and causes the hearers keeping in hiding under a smile; meanwhile, the complaints give much information and call the talkers to response.
So what is more profitably? Is this the artificial silence, or the consciousness of all passersby?

Monday, March 25, 2013

acts of kindness

The writing is the best self-help tool because we need not a pen but something to say for the writing could appear. I would define the writing as the sharing of our own wealth with the other. In the light of the above, the books look like the acts of kindness.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


The word is that love is blind but that looks otherwise to me. We are sightless indeed but just till bodily problems govern us. True Love not blinds but opens the eyes by showcasing us in the others.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Payment day

The look at the roots healed me from the complaints for personal weakness. The meditation made a thin twig the jolly heir to the old tree.
I took a pen and put down the text below:
 „The payment day rapidly approaches. I will get my pension soon.“
Thus a calendar gave me a smile by the look at the roadside.

Being out of work enabled me to complain but  the lips didn't obey. I knew the sickness stories were unacceptable in public because they brought no benefit to any. My longing for a meaningful activity have caused me the writing of the diary in a language I didn't master well.  Writing in English forced me to check the definition of each word and thus to add a meaning to what would look just a chat otherwise.

The words conscripted the hearers into an action. The statement ‚we are one,  uplifted the soul but the world shut the doors. So why should I talk if nobody cares  but shares just the general advice, a theory but not the hand of support?
People shut down in themselves and there is nobody to charge with that. Just the patients with the psychiatric disorders rapidly increase in numbers.

Monday, March 18, 2013

in preparation

The thoughts on life brought a want to say something nice to me. I am reaping the fruits of the fine arts now. I am reading the smile newspaper.
"Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?" -- Martin Luther King, Jr.
The quotation baffled, forced me address an irony because I just waited for my disability allowance. What more can do the unemployed?
It is difficult to imagine that such sharing could benefit anybody except myself, nevertheless I am writing because I am learning English to do though something.
I would greatly appreciate your help to correct the grammar mistakes and eagerly look forward to your comments.
Thank you!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The foul air underfoot

The need to name the picture forced me to open the dictionary. Hundreds of various words looked at me. They gave me a fright. While many phrases fitted my task, I needed just one to the header. So what should I write in the concrete? Did I wish to point at the weary of the questions pavement, or the self portrait? 
The artwork became a puzzle. Can my naming change any in the reality I’m facing?