Saturday, March 19, 2011

a key to wish to live

There are lots of great art projects. They embellish the vision of the future. Yet it is the personal sickness that tests and thus rewrites the current values. The old age reveals the true face of the popular declarations, pictorially shows the worth of the freedom we were searching for. Happy are the artists who share they works with  people next to them - who can gift their works to their beloved. That's the true richness that far exceeds any other market earnings. Therefore I put the word gift in bold, because the gifting is a key to the wonderland- the synonym of love that is always for a free. The big wallet may allow its owner the ordering of some services in the nursing home, yet that's all and therefore that's the bottom - the most threatening poverty. Only those who gift themselves to others can rejoice over the reciprocal inquiry  "how do you do?" 
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