Saturday, March 19, 2011

what is what

It is the wise proposal to start making money yet that may look like a mockery to the residents of the nursery home, who wish just to be heard and remembered by next to them. Thus what is the wisdom? Can the generous teaching reap not the benefits of the improved life but irritate the audience?  Such conclusion sounds like nonsense. It is hard even to imagine the tutoring on how to work at home with the  cunning politics, yet what is what ?

One is known for sure. My dog never looked for a shaver, yet does it mean that my humanity is defined by my beard?

My state of health looks sorrowfully - points to life without a credit card. Such would be hard even to visualize to many, yet I dare to accept my hardships as the honorable privilege - as the being that enables me to look for the timeless values ... Have a look at the beginnings of my transformational art on a web.
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