Wednesday, March 23, 2011

generous advice

Loneliness threatens many, yet it is easy to escape the talking with the walls. It is enough to go outside. As you look back, you will see hundreds of followers then.
By the way, the detractors will try to confuse you by naming your followers just the passersby – the strangers. Thus be careful with the vocabulary.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Secret of calligraphy

It looks improbably, yet that is so indeed. Letters a and a not duplicate  each other, but bring the different message that sits the reader back into an awe each time anew. Can you imagine such?
Yes, that is the magic of calligraphy - the visual poetry that ignores the content of the text and focus on the outward impression of the writing.  Thus first a challenges the next, and a-a  dialog puts down the whole life embracing symphony of paintbrush interpretation of what was constructed by pen's logic.
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Monday, March 21, 2011

way out

The limitations of the life with disabilities teach to use the nostalgia as the clay to sculpt the artworks that bring back the sun - nourish mental health
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

invitation to the wonderland

Some years ago I entered the hospital for people with the psychiatric disorders as a patient and was welcomed by the art therapy club Modus Vivendi. I witnessed just magical transformations there and just couldn't remain indifferent - the blog was started. I want to invite you to visit Modus Vivendi. Just click on above and you will see the pictures that would talk much more eloquently than my words under the guidance of my Lithuanian-English dictionary. I hope you will enjoy the artworks of art therapy club and let me know your opinion.
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

what is what

It is the wise proposal to start making money yet that may look like a mockery to the residents of the nursery home, who wish just to be heard and remembered by next to them. Thus what is the wisdom? Can the generous teaching reap not the benefits of the improved life but irritate the audience?  Such conclusion sounds like nonsense. It is hard even to imagine the tutoring on how to work at home with the  cunning politics, yet what is what ?

One is known for sure. My dog never looked for a shaver, yet does it mean that my humanity is defined by my beard?

My state of health looks sorrowfully - points to life without a credit card. Such would be hard even to visualize to many, yet I dare to accept my hardships as the honorable privilege - as the being that enables me to look for the timeless values ... Have a look at the beginnings of my transformational art on a web.

a key to wish to live

There are lots of great art projects. They embellish the vision of the future. Yet it is the personal sickness that tests and thus rewrites the current values. The old age reveals the true face of the popular declarations, pictorially shows the worth of the freedom we were searching for. Happy are the artists who share they works with  people next to them - who can gift their works to their beloved. That's the true richness that far exceeds any other market earnings. Therefore I put the word gift in bold, because the gifting is a key to the wonderland- the synonym of love that is always for a free. The big wallet may allow its owner the ordering of some services in the nursing home, yet that's all and therefore that's the bottom - the most threatening poverty. Only those who gift themselves to others can rejoice over the reciprocal inquiry  "how do you do?" 
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Friday, March 18, 2011

place of a word

I am Lithuanian, yet blog in English and thus experience the adventurous story indeed. While my main blog Art by Tomas ought to be named as  Art according to Tomas , my illiteracy (the foreign words) replaced the adverb according to with the word by and thus twisted the truth - made me a boaster... Against my free will!Therefore lets consider. Was such beginning an accidental thing or the symbolical story?

Can we conclude that the grammar mistakes (the justification of the mistakes) make what has happened into the fine arts that talk about the eternal values?

In other words, the famous artists are just the lucky wrong doers?
Typically, the truth expresses itself as an aphorism, yet we like to chat (prefer profound sentences to simple statements) and such way the apologies creates the confusing fictions. So what does a consciousness mean? What is a place of a word in our liefs?

I would greatly appreciate your help to count and correct the grammar mistakes I probably made now. Please help me to grow in free talking. Thank you.
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