Friday, March 22, 2013

Payment day

The look at the roots healed me from the complaints for personal weakness. The meditation made a thin twig the jolly heir to the old tree.
I took a pen and put down the text below:
 „The payment day rapidly approaches. I will get my pension soon.“
Thus a calendar gave me a smile by the look at the roadside.

Being out of work enabled me to complain but  the lips didn't obey. I knew the sickness stories were unacceptable in public because they brought no benefit to any. My longing for a meaningful activity have caused me the writing of the diary in a language I didn't master well.  Writing in English forced me to check the definition of each word and thus to add a meaning to what would look just a chat otherwise.

The words conscripted the hearers into an action. The statement ‚we are one,  uplifted the soul but the world shut the doors. So why should I talk if nobody cares  but shares just the general advice, a theory but not the hand of support?
People shut down in themselves and there is nobody to charge with that. Just the patients with the psychiatric disorders rapidly increase in numbers.
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